adionSoft is now part of the Atomix Productions family

Q) What will happen to djDecks now?
A) AdionSoft engineers and Atomix Productions engineers have been working together to write a new software from scratch.
This new software is VirtualDJ 8, the effect of merging of both code bases from djDecks 1.0 and from VirtualDJ 7.
So VirtualDJ 8 is for all purposes djDecks 2.0
Q) How can I get this new VirtualDJ 8?
A) If you bought djDecks, you will be given a discount for VirtualDJ 8.
Q) Will there be new versions of djDecks in the future?
A) All development efforts in the future will be devoted to the new VirtualDJ 8 and its sequels (VirtualDJ 9, etc).

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